SENIORS?  WE'RE not seniors!  We're all still kids at heart!

But as the years tick by, we DO have to make some grown-up decisions.  Like which Medicare benefits to choose; when to take our Social Security benefits, and how the timing of our decisions will affect us as time goes by.   

Like most of us 'Baby Boomers', you've worked hard your entire life.  Now, as we all enter the age of relaxation - fun - and enjoying the fruits of our labors, our decisions are MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER!

That's why the Senior Benefits Foundation is here.

We're a true non-profit 501(c)3 foundation, based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our ONLY MISSION is to provide information:

- We provide a COMPLIMENTARY EDUCATIONAL PUBLICATION, so you can make your own decisions
- We believe that our FREE PUBLICATION is easier to understand than the 'government' stuff
- And most importantly, WE DON'T SELL ANYTHING!

FREE Guide
That's right.  Our volunteers holding a state issued professional license for senior related products and services will deliver you our COMPLIMENTARY PUBLICATION right to your front door for FREE. Mailing service is available for a suggested donation of $9.95; simply click the "Personal Service" tab above.

If you received a letter in the mail and want a printed color copy of our most recent PUBLICATION, please answer the brief questions and mail it back to us in the postage-paid envelope provided.